Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anytune slows down sound tracks for language practice

Anytune, a slow-downer app designed for musicians and singers, allows you to adjust the tempo of a music track without changing the pitch. Learning to speak a new language fluently is like learning music. When a phrase, dialog, story, or speech is played through Anytune, a learner can slow it down and practice it easily. Anytune loads all songs in your iTunes library; you pick a track to practice. Within the track, you can set A and B points around difficult phrases to create a loop that plays at a percentage of the original tempo. The loop automatically restarts and plays from A to B so that you can practice the phrase again and again. The Step-it-up Trainer function repeats a section, incrementally increasing the speed from 50% to 100% in ten repetitions. The tempo and number of repetitions can be adjusted to your liking. These features allow a teacher to tailor the way you present a recorded model to your students. Students using Anytune can use these controls independently to build pronunciation accuracy, speed, rhythm, expression, and fluency.

At the time of this publication, Anytune is available for Mac OS and iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone), with versions for Windows and Android said to be "on the way."

Click to watch my demo video.

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