Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fly Swatter Game for Teachers at TESOL 2016

This video demonstrates one segment of a session "Games and Activities to Promote Pronunciation, Speaking, and Listening" that I presented at the TESOL Convention in Baltimore, MD, in April 2016.

For this super-duper advanced group of teachers of English to speakers of other languages, we played the Fly Swatter Game with 13 words from Look in the Lake Deck 5 Vans and Fans:
bass, cab, cap, cuff, cup, desk, dish, fan, fist, van, vase, vest, vine

For students of English, use fewer choices depending on the proficiency of your learners. I recommend viewing Pronunciation Doctor's Games Playlist for ideas about other games and activities to promote communication, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, and listening.

For more information about Look in the Lake Pronunciation Cards visit Sunburst Media at www.sunburstmedia.com

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