Monday, March 7, 2016

What Pronunciation Professionals Talk About

I belong to many electronic discussion lists, one of which is particularly interesting to me because it's all about pronunciation and related skills, and there are many interesting discussion threads with contributions from practitioners from around the world on aspects of language learning that touch on or, indeed, focus on, learning the pronunciation of English (and occasionally other languages). 

Donna M. Brinton and I set out to analyze the one-year period from August 2013 to August 2014 to determine the topics that elicited the greatest degree of interest, interaction, and in-depth discussion. We call these the PRONUNCIATION HOT TOPICS. We presented our research at the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference in Santa Barbara, California in September 2014. Our paper is available to the public. Click on the link to access it.
The four topics we report on in this paper are as follows:
  1. Perfect vs. relative pitch
  2. Pronunciation as a motor skill
  3. The role of pronunciation in speaking test ratings
  4. Syllabification for pronunciation
Brinton, D., & Chan, M. (2015). What’s hot, what’s not: Insights from pronunciation practitioners. In J. Levis, R. Mohamed, M. Qian & Z. Zhou (Eds). Proceedings of the 6th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference (ISSN 2380-9566), Santa Barbara, CA (pp. 154-165). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

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