Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video Clips to Support Student Learning

Mission College Technology Boot Camp
January 27, 2011

You’ve viewed video clips in your publisher’s course materials and on Youtube, TeacherTube and other websites. You may have created your own video clips for fun or instruction and are looking for a way to share them. In this session, you will
  • View video clips of the presenter and students, both teacher-made and student-made, in the context of courses and learning objectives.
  • Consider the pedagogical attributes of video clips that can enable students to achieve a learning objective for course.
  • Observe as video is captured with a laptop webcam, digital camera and/or other device.  
  • Discuss places to look for existing video clips.
  • Recognize places to store your video (your hard drive, AngelLearning, Mission College website, Youtube, and other web servers).
  • Identify ways to display a video to students (PowerPoint, Angel, YouTube, Facebook, blogs)
  • Become aware that video file formats and length impact workflow and access.
  • Outline the steps to follow to create your video learning object.
  • Observe how to create a YouTube channel, upload a video clip, enter a title and description, and make other setting choices.
  • Verbalize an idea for a short video clip you’d like to make for your class.
First, let's hear from you:

To see examples of how I display student videos of, by and for my classes, click on my profile, Pronunciation Doctor, at the top of this page, and you'll find a list of my blogs.

How-To videos taken during today's session:

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